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Tristar AC-5562 AirConditioner 12000 BTU

Tristar AC-5562 AirConditioner 12000 BTU


With the Tristar AC-5562 Mobile Air Conditioner, you can have a comfortable climate in your home throughout the year. This energy efficient air conditioner does not only cool but also has a heating function. This mobile air conditioner is very easy to use, with a digital timer and remote control.


Versatile and multifunctional
The Tristar air conditioner has four operation modes: you can use it to cool, heat, dehumidify or as a fan. If you want to enjoy a nice breeze in your home, you select one of the two fan speeds. An important advantage of the AC-5562 is that you do not have to store it during the winter, because you can also use it to heat up a room. The heating capacity is 3.2 kW.


Relief on hot days
This Tristar air conditioner is a relief on hot days. The cooling capacity of 12.000 BTU and 3.5 kW makes it possible to cool a room up to 100m3. When the air is humid the air conditioner will make the climate more comfortable with a dehumidifying capacity of 1.2 litres per hour. Dry air cools faster so you can cool more efficiently when the air is dry.


Ease of use
You can create a comfortable climate while you hardly make any effort. You can easily control the Tristar mobile air conditioner by using the remote control. The air conditioner automatically switches on or off by setting the digital timer. The air conditioner is also easy to move, thanks to the castors.


What’s in the box:
Tristar Air conditioner, hose, remote control, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar AC-5562 Mobile Air Conditioner:

  • Cooling capacity of 12.000 BTU and 3.5 kW to cool a room up to 100m3
  • Provided with heating and drying function and a fan
  • Remote controlled and provided with a digital timer
  • Low energy consumption: energy class A
  • Mobile air conditioner and easy to move thanks to castors
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