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Tristar BR-1045 Toaster 1000W white

Tristar BR-1045 Toaster 1000W white


The handy Tristar BR-1045 Toaster has 2 long slots so you can easily toast 4 small or 2 large slices of bread. The defrost and reheat functions are extra convenient for defrosting frozen bread and make bread rolls crisp again.


Two long slots
The long slots make it possible to toast up to four slices of bread. When you like larger slices of bread you can fit two. Select one of the seven toasting settings from lightly toasted up to golden brown and get the perfect result. As soon as the toast is ready, it will pop-up so you can easily take them out without burning your fingers.


Defrost and reheat functions
The Tristar Toaster also has a defrost and reheat function. The defrost function makes it easy to defrost frozen bread quickly. This means you will always be able to enjoy a fresh slice of bread, even when it comes out of the freezer. The reheat function is perfect if you have a day all bread rolls and want to make these crispy again.


Easy to clean
All crumbs are caught in the slide out crumb tray that makes it easy to remove all of them and you are not left with a bottom filled with old crumbs. If you notice the toasting going to hard, you can stop the toaster with a push on the stop button and your toast will pop out immediately.

What’s in the box:
Tristar Toaster, instruction manual


Reasons to choose the Tristar BR-1045 Toaster:

  • Very practical toaster suitable for 4 small or 2 large slices of bread
  • Convenient defrost and reheat function for frozen bread and bread rolls
  • Select 1 out of 7 browning settings for your favorite type of toast
  • Easy to clean thanks to the slide out crumb tray
  • Powerful heating thanks to the 1100 Watt power


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