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Tristar HD-2636 Hair Dryer and Straighten

Tristar HD-2636 Hair Dryer and Straighten


Find the perfect gift set for styling hair at Tristar. The HD-2366 gift set has both a hair dryer and a straightener. The hairdryer has a power of 2200 Watt and works at full power as soon as you turn it on. The straightener is perfect to style all sorts of different hair types and has a power indication light, so you can see when it’s turned on. Because of the flexible power cords of 1.7 meters, you can move freely and stand further away from the socket to stand in front of the mirror. Finished with blow-drying your hair? The hair dryer and straightener can easily be stored by hanging them on the hook.


Less damaging for your hair
The Tristar hair dryer has ionic technology. This technology causes blow-drying to be less damaging for your hair. Also, it makes your hair less frizzy when you’re finished. The straightener has a ceramic coating. This gives a nice shine to your hair and is less damaging.


Multiple speed and temperature settings
The hairdryer has multiple speed and temperature settings. You can blow-dry your hair with 2 different speed settings. The temperature of the airflow can also be adjusted. There are 3 different temperature settings, so if your hair is getting too hot, the heat can be turned down a notch. For the finishing touch you can use the cool shot. This will help set your hair in place. The temperature of the straightener can be set up to 200⁰C. Both the hair dryer and the straightener have a overheat protection, so they’re always safe to use.


Create different hairstyles
Create a different hairstyle every day with the different attachments of the hair dryer. The narrow nozzle used in combination with a brush makes a nice and straight hairdo. The diffuser is perfect for people with curly or frizzy hair and gives more definition to the hair. For wavy and straight hair, the diffuser helps give the hair more volume. The straightener can be used to not only straighten your hair, but also to create waves or even curls.


What’s in the box:
Hairdryer, narrow nozzle, diffuser, straightener, instruction manual


Reasons to choose the Tristar HD-2366 Gift set Hair dryer and Straightener:

  • Gift set with hair dryer and straightener
  • Move freely with the flexible power cord of 1.7 meters
  • Less damaging for your hair because of the ionic technology and ceramic coating
  • Hair dryer has multiple speed and temperature settings
  • Temperature of the straightener can be set up to 200⁰C
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