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Tristar ST-8143 Stream Iron 2200W

Tristar ST-8143 Stream Iron 2200W


Ironing is not everyone’s favourite household task, but having a good iron makes it at least easier and faster. The Tristar ST-8143 Steam Iron is an extra powerful iron with a ceramic sole for an optimal crease-free result. Thanks to the 2200 Watt power, the steam iron heats up quickly, and you can set the temperature with the stepless adjustable thermostat.


Continuous steam pressure
The Tristar ST-8143 Steam Iron emits a continuous steam pressure of 20 - 25 g/min, so you can easily unwrinkle your clothes. Found a fold that won’t budge? Use the handy steam burst to get some extra steam power. The reservoir has a 240 ml volume, enough to finish ironing an entire load of laundry.


Durable, ceramic sole for added convenience
The smooth, ceramic sole heats up quickly and with the stepless adjustable thermostat, you can select the optimal temperature for the clothing item you want to iron. Thanks to the 1.9 meter long power cord, you have a long reach and the iron can also be used to steam vertically to freshen up delicate clothes.


Self-cleaning and anti-drip
The greatest enemy of all irons is limescale. All water contains very small limescale particles which can attach to the steam iron. The Tristar ST-8143 Steam Iron has a special anti-scale and self-cleaning function to avoid clogging by limescale. This makes the steam iron very durable. The iron also has an anti-drip function to avoid those annoying splatters.


What’s in the box:
Tristar steam iron, instruction manual.


Reasons to choose the Tristar ST-8143 Steam Iron:

  • Very durable and powerful steam iron for optimal, crease-free results
  • Heats up very quickly thanks to the 2200 Watt power
  • Continuous steam pressure of 20 -25 g/min and handy steam burst function
  • Extra smooth ceramic sole with carefully aligned steam openings for a smooth result
  • Never worry about lime scale and drips anymore thanks to the anti-scale, anti-drip and self-cleaning functions
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