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Tristar ST-8916 Handheld Steamer 1200W

Tristar ST-8916 Handheld Steamer 1200W


The Tristar ST-8916 is the ideal garment steamer to stop creases, smells and bacteria in clothing or any other fabric item. With a 1200 Watt power and a continuous steam output of 20 g/min this plug and play clothing steamer is ready to use in no time. The compact garment steamer is a better and faster replacement for you iron and makes all fabric look brand new again.

Freshens up and kills bacteria

The optimal steam output penetrates every fiber of a fabric and releases bad smells like body odors and smoke. The steam also dissolves creasing by using heat without damaging fabrics. Because steam is in fact really hot water it also kills 99% of all bacteria and dust mites on your clothing or linen. You can use the handheld garment steamer on all fabrics, even the more delicate like silk.


Plug and play within 35 seconds
Plug the power plug in a socket and wait for the light to light up continuedly. Within 35 seconds the steamer will be ready. The water reservoir has a volume of 0.26 liter and can be refilled and you can keep on steaming. An effective and fast way to remove creases and foul smells.


Including two brush heads
The Tristar Garment Steamer comes with 2 extra brush heads. A brush head for thicker fabrics and furniture. This way, you can even steam clean your curtains, couch and dog bed. The lint brush head works best on delicate fabrics and removes little pieces of dust.


What’s in the box:
Tristar Garment Steamer, 2 brush heads, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar Garment Steamer:

  • Replace your iron with a garment steamer and enjoy crease free clothing without the hassle
  • Refreshes clothing and kills 99% of all bacteria and dust mites for a clean and fresh feeling
  • Heats up within 35 seconds so you can start steaming quickly
  • Including two brush heads for thicker and delicate fabrics and dust removal
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