Tristar SZ-3135 Vacuum Cleaner 2.8L 700 W

Tristar SZ-3135 Vacuum Cleaner 2.8L 700 W


The Tristar SZ-3135 vacuum cleaner is very powerful thanks to its multi cyclone system that leads to an improved airflow. The vacuum cleaner has excellent results and a triple A performance.


Triple A performance
The Tristar vacuum cleaner is very powerful thanks to its multi cyclone system, causing the filter to stay dust free and the suction power continuous. Thanks to this good suction power the vacuum cleaner scores class A on dust pick up on hard floors and class C on dust pick up on carpets. It has 700 Watt power and falls into energy class A. The vacuum cleaner is provided with HEPA filter H13 and filters even the finest dust out of the air, therefore, it scores class A on dust re-emission as well.


Bagless vacuum cleaner
The Tristar vacuum cleaner has no bag and a reservoir in which the dust is collected. This reservoir has 2.8 litres volume and you can easily empty it in the bin when it is full. Therefore, you will save money on the purchase of vacuum cleaner bags. With this vacuum cleaner you will not have to replace a bag and that makes the vacuum cleaner even more convenient in use.


Fully equipped
The Tristar vacuum cleaner does not only perform very well, it is also fully equipped. The suction power control allows you to clean different surfaces like curtains, furniture and carpets. You will not have to change the power outlet often because the power cord of 6 metres provides a radius of 8 metres.


For everybody
The SZ-3135 vacuum cleaner has something for everybody. You can easily adjust it to your own preferences thanks to the telescopic tube that can be extended up to 92 centimetres. There are different types of brushes included. The automatic cord rewinder allows you to rewind the cord with one touch of a button after vacuum cleaning.


What´s in the box:
Tristar vacuum cleaner, high efficiency multi brush, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, instruction manual


Reasons to choose the Tristar SZ-3135 Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Powerful multi cyclone system for improved suction power and airflow
  • Triple A performance: energy class A, dust pick up on hard floors class A, and dust re-emission class A
  • Even the finest dust is filtered out of the air thanks to the HEPA filter H13
  • Without bag for extra ease of use and to save money on the purchase of bags
  • Practical in use thanks to the telescopic tube, large radius and automatic cord rewinder

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