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Tristar TR-2563 Beard Trimmer 20POS Battery

Tristar TR-2563 Beard Trimmer 20POS Battery


With the Tristar TR-2563 Beard trimmer, your beard will always look good. If you don’t want to shave off your whole beard, you don’t have to anymore. You can leave your 3-day beard and take off the length that you want to with ease. The compact beard trimmer can be taken everywhere. The power indication light shows if the trimmer is on.


Adjustable cutting blades
The ideal thing about the Tristar beard trimmer is that it has adjustable cutting blades. Because of these blades, you can decide for yourself whether you want to take off 0.5 or maybe even 10 mm from your beard. The cutting blades are of stainless steel and the lubricating oil is included. After using the beard trimmer, you can clean it with the cleaning brush.


Charge by USB
Are you in a rush, but you do want to show up at work with a nice looking beard? Then you can easily take the beard trimmer to work. The trimmer is cordless and light. If you’ve used the trimmer for 45 minutes, it has to be charged. You can charge it with a USB charging cable. This means you can charge it on your way to work. It will take up to 8-10 hours to fully charge the trimmer.


What’s in the box:
Beard trimmer, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar TR-2563 Beard trimmer:

  • Trimming your 3-day beard is easy
  • Compact and light so it can be taken everywhere
  • Adjustable cutting blades of stainless steel
  • 45 minutes of using time
  • Fully charged after 8 to 10 hours
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