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Tristar VS-3914 Food Steamer

Tristar VS-3914 Food Steamer


Steaming your food is not only a handy way of cooking, you also keep a lot of vitamins and a lot of flavor. The Tristar VS-3914 Food Steamer has 3 layers, which allows you to steam an entire meal at once. Easily prepare meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes and even rice and enjoy the pure flavors and colors.


Healthy cooking with steam
Steaming ensures your food does not only retain more nutrients, but is also a fat free way of cooking. It makes healthy cooking easy! The only thing you will need is water. Via the water level indicator you can see directly the minimum and maximum amount of water needed in the food steamer. Furthermore, on the base are also handy illustrations to indicate how long and on which heat setting you should steam fish, meat, rice and vegetables.


3 BPA-free Layers
The Tristar Food Steamer has 3 steam layers that make cooking an entire meal at once possible. Even rice can be steamed in the included steam basket. All loose parts are made of BPA-free plastic so no particles will be released into your food. This makes it easy to prepare healthy meals full of flavor.


Easy to clean
Except from the base, all removable parts are dishwasher proof so cleaning is as easy as one, two, three.


What’s in the box:
Tristar Food Steamer, 3 plastic layers, rice basket, lid with steam outlet, instruction manual


Reasons to choose the Tristar Food Steamer:

  • Steam an entire mail at once thanks to the three separate and removable layers
  • Made out of BPA-free plastic so you can not only cook fast but also healthy
  • With a special layer for eggs and a free rice steam basket
  • Convenient icons on the base that show how long meat, fish, rice and vegetables need steaming
  • Easy to clean thanks to the dishwasher proof parts


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