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Tristar WF-2195 Waffle Iron 1000W

Tristar WF-2195 Waffle Iron 1000W


With the Tristar WF-2195 Waffle Iron you can serve waffles in no time! Thanks to the non-stick coating you can easily remove the waffles when they are cooked.


Practical in use
The Tristar waffle iron is provided with a high quality non-stick coating, so you can easily remove waffles when they are cooked, which also makes it easy to clean. With 1000W power the waffle iron reaches the desired temperature quickly. The waffle maker is provided with cord storage and you can store it either vertically or horizontally for extra ease of use.


Make the best waffles
Despite the compact size of the WF-2195 waffle iron you can create surprisingly big waffles. You can easily set the right temperature with the thermostat so you can make the waffles exactly how you desire.


Stylish and handy
The Tristar waffle iron has a stainless steel lid which gives it a stylish look. Thanks to the indicator lights, you can see at a glance if the waffle maker is powered on and whne it is ready to add the batter. The waffle iron is also provided with non-slip feet so it stands stable on your worktop.


What’s in the box:
Tristar waffle maker, instruction manual


Reasons to choose the Tristar WF-2195 Waffle Iron:

  • You can make two waffles at a time with the Tristar waffle iron
  • Thanks to the thermostat, you can choose at what heat your waffles are cooked
  • The waffle iron is practical in use thanks to the non-slip feet and indicator lights
  • The non-stick coating allows you to easily remove the waffles from the waffle maker
  • It reaches the desired temperature quickly with 1000W power
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