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Tristar AT-5468 Air cooler

Tristar AT-5468 Air cooler


Looking for a cooling wind on a warm summer day, but do you find an air conditioner too big and colossal? Then the mobile Tristar AT-5468 Air Cooler is definitely something for you. This air cooler provides cooling through cold water and cooling elements. Thanks to the casters, the air cooler can be used anywhere in the house. This energy-saving device is perfect for every household.

Cools the air through cold water
Fill the easily removable 8 liter tank with (ice) cold water and cooling elements and select one of the three different airflow levels: normal, natural and sleep mode. The colder the water in the tank, the colder the air that is blown out. Lovely to cool off your bedroom so you can sleep well or use it in a clammy living room.

No difficult installation
A big advantage of the Tristar air cooler compared to an air conditioner is that you do not have to let the warm air out. So you don't have to open a window to hang a hose or drill a hole in the wall. The air cooler is easy to move thanks to the sturdy swivel castors with brake and therefore easy to move. Drive it to the room where you want to use it, fill the reservoir with water and insert the plug. You don't have to do more for some wonderful cooling.

Energy efficient with timer function
The Tristar air cooler has a timer function of 1 to 7.5 hours so that you can have it automatically switched off whenever you want. This way you can go to sleep and the air cooler stops automatically. In addition, an air cooler is much more energy efficient than an air conditioner, making it much more friendly to your energy bill.

No problems with dry air with an air cooler
Because the Tristar Air Cooler uses cold water and cooling elements to cool the air, the air does not dry as with an air conditioner, so you do not suffer from dry eyes or a dry throat. An air cooler is therefore better suited for people who quickly suffer from their airways due to too dry air.

What should I choose now?
Choose the Tristar Air Cooler if you would like to enjoy refreshing air, but would rather not make a hole in the wall or drag with a large hose. If you still want to lower the room temperature more than a few degrees, choose a Tristar Air Conditioner.

What do you find in the box:
Tristar Air cooler, remote control, manual

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