Tristar KB-7391 Refrigerator

Tristar KB-7391 Refrigerator


With its 91 liter capacity and width of 47.5 cm, this freestanding refrigerator is a handy and compact refrigerator for small spaces such as a student room, meeting room or campsite. Thanks to the narrow width, it fits easily through the door of the caravan. Also the refrigerator is equipped with a 10-liter freezer compartment and you can store quite some food and drinks because the good division.

Compact fridge with freezer
Do you have limited space but do you want to enjoy a fridge for cooling food? Then this Tristar fridge is a good choice! The size of the refrigerator makes it ideal for smaller spaces such as student rooms and offices. It has a size of 48 x 45 x 83.1 cm and weighs 19 kg. Also it has adjustable legs so that it is always firmly on the ground and you can turn the door if necessary. It is also equipped with a 10-liter freezer compartment, which of course is perfect for storing ice cubes and ice creams.

Ideal fridge for the campsite
During warm summer days at the campsite, cold drinking bottles and ice-cold ice creams can’t be missing. Due to the compact size, this small refrigerator is ideal for camping. The width is very narrow (47.5 cm) so you can easily lift it through the door of your caravan or camper. You can also consider putting the fridge in the awning. Ideal for when you have breakfast in the awning every morning.

Energy-efficient refrigerator with an A + label
The Tristar KB-7391 Refrigerator has an A + label. So you do not have to worry about a high energy bill and of course you also think about the environment. The refrigerator has a capacity of 60 watts and consumes around 110 kWh every year.

Enough space and easy to clean due the practical division
Thanks to the practical division of the refrigerator, you can store quite a bit in it. For example, there is room for three to four large drinking bottles and has a cooling drawer for fruit and vegetables. The refrigerator is also equipped with two glass shelves and two side pockets for storing meat, cans, eggs and spreads. All parts can be removed so that you can easily clean it with soapy water.

What do you find in the box?
Tristar KB-7391 Refrigerator, instruction manual