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Tristar RA-2723 Raclette, Stone Grill

Tristar RA-2723 Raclette, Stone Grill


Tristar RA-2723 Raclette is a very versatile asset for your household. That is to say, it offers four functions in one: you can use it for grilling, baking, stone grilling and gourmets! You will have enough space to enjoy a delicious meal with eight persons with this raclette.

Multifunctional raclette
The Tristar raclette is very versatile because of its various options. You can use the gourmet pans with non-stick coating by placing them below the grill plates. The top of the raclette consists of a stone plate at one side and a die cast aluminum grill plate on the other side. Because this plate is reversible, you can choose if you want to use the grill side or the flat side as a baking plate.

For eight persons
The RA-2723 raclette offers enough space for eight gourmet pans that you can place below the grilling plates. The baking surface of the two plates is 23 x 23 cm which is large enough to enjoy dinner with eight persons. There will be something for every taste thanks to the various possibilities.

Practical in use
The Tristar raclette is very easy to use. It is provided with an adjustable thermostat with a stylish light ring, with which you can easily set the desired temperature. The indicator light shows you if the raclette has reached the desired temperature yet. For extra ease of use, the raclette is provided with a non-stick coating. The integrated handles enable you to easily pick up or move the raclette.

Safe to use
The Tristar raclette is provided with various features to increase the safety. First of all, it is a robust and solid raclette. The overheat protection makes sure the raclette will never get too hot. Furthermore, the nonslip feet ensures that the raclette stands stable on the table. With 1400W power, the raclette reaches the right temperature quickly.

What’s in the box?
Tristar raclette, grill plate, stone plate, gourmet pans (8x), manual

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