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YY-001 1 w induction solar wall lamp

YY-001 1 w induction solar wall lamp

  • 1.It comes with polycrystalline silicon solar panels, solar battery charging, and placed it in the place where the sunlight, charging 6 hours, can continue to use a week, in fact, when it is charging can still lighting, when the brightness is not enough, you can shut it down, make solar charging 6 hours, open it to use again.
  • 2.Control mode: infrared body temperature sensor, range of induction Angle is 120 degrees,Induction distance is 3.5 meters, when nobody move around it, it issued a weak light, can show the environment outline, when people near it, it sets off the strong light within 30 seconds, brightness increase 2 times, after people left 30 seconds, and restore the weak light.It can deter thieves from approaching your house.
  • 3.You can install it in the hallway, balcony, roof platform, the corner of house, garage, courtyard,on the tree, orchard, grape shelves, livestock shed, or around the swimming pool, yacht dock, even can use it when wilderness survival.
  • 4.The color temperature is 5600K, the illumination intensity is 340-600LM, the power is 0.55w, the brightness is the same as the 12w tri-base color lamp or the 40w incandescent bulb, with a 3.7v 900mAh lithium battery , the solar panel power is 5.5v 100mA, the light is soft, and there is no radiation pollution.
  • 5.It's waterproof IP65, it's very easy to install, it doesn't need cable, it's can fixed to tree or wall with just two screws, you don't need any maintenance.
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