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YY-3205T 50 LED Solar Drop Gloom light

YY-3205T 50 LED Solar Drop Gloom light


2 Way for Charging Solar powered and USB powered supported. The light uses high-efficiency solar panels that convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in a built-in battery for LED lighting; in Winter, light time and intensity will be weakened, and the solar photoelectric conversion rate will be insufficient. Increasing the USB charging can better ensure the battery continues to work. The night light will last for about 8 hours.
Automatically Recharging
The unique light control technology ensures that the fixture automatically recharges during the day when there is sufficient light and automatically at night  when there is insufficient light.
Wide Application
The solar light string is widely used in roads, courtyards, shop windows, shops, venues, stage and other places, especially as decorative lights for Christmas trees can create a warm and romantic holiday atmosphere.
Before first use, make sure that sunlight can be charged with enough sunlight for 8 hours.


Specifications:Type: Solar Light String

Mode: 8 Flash modes

Wire length:2m

Lamp spacing:10cm

Full length:10m

Protection level: IP65

Luminous flux: 10 (lm)

Life expectancy: 10000 (H)

Input voltage: 1.2 (V)

Power factor: 0.2

Solar panel: 2V/100MA/0.2W

Battery: 1.2V/600MAH

Light color: Blue/Warm White/White/

ColorfulSize: 15.0*13.1*9.8cm/5.9*5.2*3.9”

Net weight: 570.0g/20.11oz


Package:1 * Solar Light String1 * Solar Panel1 * Holder1 * Spike

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