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Designed with 2 gangs that can connect and control two connected appliances or lights, simultaneously and independent.


Control, Single Tap on Your Phone

Work with the DUAL switch, no need to run to appliances to turn/off it, keeping your phone in control of them


Smarten Your Home without Hands

Allow voice-enabled helpers including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant to turn on/off appliances, just ask them and go


Control Separately, Work Simultaneously

Built-in 2 gangs for 2 devices working at the same time. You can control 2 devices connected to the switch independently, so there is no need to purchase extra switches, saving more money


Now, Your Kettle Thinks for Itself

Want to turn the kettle on from the comfort of your sofa? Let the switch do it all in your kitchen – automatically turn your kettle on/off at any given moment


On or Off? Displays on Your Phone

All status changes on appliances will be shown on the app, and you will know whether they’re on or off, ensuring you a peace of mind


Smarten, Not Only One Device

Control a ton of eWeLink-enabled accessories simultaneously, which helps create groups of scenes for your smarter home


Share Control across Devices

Support devices sharing. Simply share devices with other phones or tablets, it will be able to be controlled by other remote users directly

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