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Tristar BP-2641 Bamboo Grill XL

Tristar BP-2641 Bamboo Grill XL


The trendy Tristar BP-2641 Bamboo Grill XL combines natural materials with the fun of cooking together. The luxurious and elegant bamboo housing fits perfectly with the trend to decorate with natural materials. The convenient Bamboo Grill XL has a combined grill and baking plate so you can combine grilling and baking on one grill.

Natural bamboo housing
Bamboo is a natural type of wood that grows very fast and is very strong. The use of the durable material for the table grill makes sure it stays beautiful for a long time. Another benefit bamboo has is that is stays cool to the touch so you can move the bamboo grill with ease. The bamboo housing has a removable fat drip tray that slides out.

Removable thermostat
The adjustable thermostat of the Tristar Bamboo Grill XL is removable for easy storage. The grill itself is made out of durable die cast aluminum that holds it shape and has a very strong nonstick coating. That is why no butter or oil is needed so baking on the bamboo grill is both healthy and fun.

Easy to clean
Remove the die cast aluminum grill plate out of the bamboo housing and place this into your dishwasher. The housing itself can be wiped down with a moist towel. The fat drip tray is also dishwasher proof so cleaning is a breeze.

What’s in the box:
Tristar BP-2641 Bamboo Grill XL, instruction manual

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