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Tristar BP-6285 Buffet Server

Tristar BP-6285 Buffet Server


With the multifunctional BP-6285 Buffet Server from Tristar you can keep your food nice and warm. The Buffet Server can be used as a buffet warmer, but also as a hot plate to keep your food warm. This way, you can put your plates and pans on the plate to keep them at the right temperature. The Buffet Server has a capacity of 300 W and has a housing made of stainless steel that is heat resistant. The integrated handles ensure that the heating plate can be moved without any trouble. It can be easily cleaned after use.

Multiple functions
The temperature of the Tristar BP-6285 Buffet Server can be adjusted with the thermostat. The power indicator light shows when the hot plate is on. There is also a keep warm function that makes sure that your food does not get cold.

Buffet heater
The heating containers have a capacity of 6.8 liters. These are, like the housing, made of stainless steel. When the underlying heating plate heats up, the trays will also heat up slowly. The food that is in the containers stays at the right temperature. Ideal for when you’re throwing a party. You can also put the Buffet Server outside without having to worry that anything get in your food. The containers have a lid that protect your food and keep the warmth in the containers.

What’s in the box:
Heating plate, heating containers, instruction manual

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