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Tristar MX-4824 Salad Maker

Tristar MX-4824 Salad Maker


Preparing a healthy meal is easy now with the Tristar MX-4824 Salad maker. The ingredients can be put in at the top and the salad maker does the rest. The device has a power of 200 W. Because the salad maker is made of plastic it’s not heavy when moving it and it is also easy to use. When the ingredients are sliced or shredded there is little to no noise coming from the machine. Also, when using the salad maker, it stays in its place because of the non-slip feet. Finished with preparing your meal? The salad maker is easy to dissemble and clean. After usage you can safely store the salad maker in your cabinet.

Included blades
The Tristar salad maker has 3 different blades. These blades are made of stainless steel. The blades have different functions. They can either slice or shred different kinds of food. This way, you won’t have any unexpected big pieces of food in your salad.

Eating healthy with the Tristar salad maker
It’s no secret that eating healthy is important. Healthy food helps your body to grow and makes it easier to keep a healthy weight. Eating salads has many benefits. Lettuce isn’t necessarily a bomb of vitamins, but it is a low-calorie ingredient, so you can fill your meal with a broad choice of different vegetables and fruits. It also has fiber, so it helps with a good digestion. Long story short, many benefits!

What’s in the box:
Salad maker, included blades, instruction manual

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