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Tristar PZ-2881 Pizza maker

Tristar PZ-2881 Pizza maker


The Tristar PZ-2881 Pizza Maker allows you to make a delicious fresh pizza in no time with a diameter up to 30 centimetres. The thermostat enables you to set your desired temperature yourself while the non-stick coating makes sure the pizza does not stick and the pizza maker can be cleaned easily.

Easy to use
The Tristar pizza maker is very easy to use. Just plug in the pizza maker, set the right temperature and wait until the indicator light tells you that the right temperature has been reached. Put the pizza in the maker and you will have a delicious pizza within just a few minutes! With 1450 Watt power, the pizza maker reaches the right temperature quickly.

Smart design
The PZ-2881 pizza maker has a smart design which makes it even more user friendly. The baking surface has a diameter of 30 centimetres and allows you to bake big pizza’s in the pizza maker. It has a sleek design and the compact size makes it easy to store the pizza maker after use.

Practical to use
The non-stick coating enables you to bake the pizza without the need to grease the pizza maker. The non-stick coating allows you to clean it in no time. An extra advantage of this coating is that you can use the pizza maker for baking pancakes or an omelette as well.

What’s in the box:
Tristar pizza maker, instruction manual

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