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Dab Sewage Pump 927W .75HP

Dab Sewage Pump 927W .75HP

Submersible centrifugal pump with liquid vortex cast
steel impeller (technopolymer impeller for Feka VX),
suitable for pumping sewer water and waste water
in general containing solids up to a maximum size of
50 mm.
Handle with insulating rubber cover. AISI 316 stainless
steel drive shaft. Double mechanical seal with
intermediate oil chamber (atoxic oil), in carbon/alumina
on the motor side and silicon carbide/silicon carbide
on the pump side.
VS version: Stainless steel pump casing, seal cover,
motor casing
VX version: Technopolymer pump casing with
threaded metal insert inserted into the delivery port,
stainless steel seal cover, motor casing.
Dry, asynchronous, sealed and cooled by the pumped
liquid. Rotor mounted on greased for-life ball bearings,
oversized and selected to guarantee greater noise
reduction and duration. Thermo-amperometric
protection as standard for single-phase version, and
the user’s responsibility for the three-phase version.
Constantly active capacitor on the single-phase
version. Construction in accordance with the IEC 2-3
IEC 61-69 (EN 60335-2-41) standards.