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Elpumps VB 25/1300B Inox Wpump w/tank 1300w

Elpumps VB 25/1300B Inox Wpump w/tank 1300w

Description Elpumps VB 25 / 1300B darling with brass impeller
Domestic pumping ELPUMPS meet all customer needs to supply the house or garden drinking or potable water. The basis for smooth operation and long life are silent engines of less than 900 W. Only these powerful engines have enough power reserves to have never occurred during overload or overheat, which could cause the destruction of the engine. Internal and external parts are made from anticorrosive materials. The customer can choose between the needs of high pressure cylinders 25 or 50 liters. Metal support legs provide good stability. Pumping units can be retrofitted with efficient predfi lter 1 l dry run protection.
After turning the tap water station connected to a water source, a water tank or the like. It switches to force water to the point of supply.
Ensuring household drinking or potable water - irrigation, toilet flushing, faucets, washing machines and so on. Support for water supply network.
Collection of rainwater tanks, reservoirs.
The pump is self-priming structure, ie. Startup is necessary to meet only the pump itself. The internal structural components of the pump are made of special durable plastic, so that when there is no longer shut their corrosion. The housing of the pump is made of cast iron or stainless steel. The pump shaft is sealed latest axial seal with ceramic insert. Models marked B are brass impeller heavy-duty, which has excellent anti-corrosion properties, are much more resistant to abrasion influence of impurities (particles of sand etc.) And can withstand without deformation due to heat and possible idle (without water). The engine is a special hermetically sealed against water and is protected by a thermal fuse. The machine is designed so that in addition to the mechanical seal are not in any part of the pump body which are under abrasion. ELPUMPS pumps are therefore characterized by a very long life. The pressure vessel is made of thick-walled she
  • Details

    Technical parameters:
    Brass impeller
    Rated power 1300 W
    V / Hz 230/50
    Max. pumping capacity 5400 l / h
    Max. height 47 m
    Max. suction height 9 m
    Max. pressure 4,7 bar
    Pressure vessel capacity 25 l
    Thread diameter 1 "
    Cabling HO7 RNF, 3 × 1 mm2
    Cable length 1.2 m
    Max. medium temperature 35 ° C
    Pack size of 520 × 280 × 570 mm
    Weight 21 kg
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