Livolo full moon touch switch 1 Gang White

Livolo VL-C601 full moon touch switch 1 Gang White
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    1; Dimension: 86mm*86mm*39mm.
    2; Material: White Crystal Glass Panel.Blue and Orange backlight.
    3; Operating Voltage: AC110V-250V/50Hz-60Hz.
    4;Rated Load: 500W/2.5A.
    5; Self Consuming Power: Less than 0.1mA.
    6; Operating Environment: -30~70 Centigrade; Less than 95%RH.
    7; Lifelong: 100,000 Times of Operation.
    8; Installation is as same as normal light switch, so does not require Negative line; Replace traditional wall
    switch completely and smoothly.
    9;Dimmer switch applicate for incandescent, adjustable energy-saving lamps and other types of adjustable lamps.

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