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Luna 20W LED Flood Light 6500K

Luna 20W LED Flood Light 6500K



LED floodlight is a new type of LED lighting light source, developed on the basis of the traditional flood light products, compared with the traditional floodlight, high thermal conductivity, light failure is small, light color purity, no ghosting, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, etc, the products adopt constant current constant voltage control, power supply with high efficiency.


High efficiency & energy saving. Under the condition of the same llumination, it saves more than 70% energy compared with the traditional lamp.
3. Long life span, using semiconductor chip as the light resource, the life can be over 30,000hrs.
4. No UV & IR . It won`t distribute ray radiation.
5. Eco-friendly, No Hg & Xe ,or other harmful element. Recyclable, also it won`t generate EMI.
6. High performance external constant current drivers, no stroboscopic, good for eyesight protection.
7. Patent integrated light sources, high quality CREE/Bridgelux/Epistar chip, high Light effects, high color rendering index.
8. Thermal design, integration of the advanced die-casting forming, small contact resistance, high cooling efficiency.
9. Protection level reaches IP66.


1. Stage, Advertising Board, Billboard,Gym, Stadium, Dock.
2. Yard, Lawn, Garden, Park, Plaza, Workshop, Warehouse.
3. Gas Station, Highway Toll Station etc.

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