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Skil Cordless Sealant Gun 4.8V

Skil Cordless Sealant Gun 4.8V

  • Details

    Gun Battery for silicone SKIL F0152055M:
    - Variable speed ensures the correct flow of sealant adapted to each type of work
    - Automatic pressure relief to prevent loss of sealant
    - Automatic safety function activated in the event of a scab mastic or clogging the tube
    - Ni-MH batteries are less susceptible to the effect of 'memory' and more environmentally friendly


    Charging time: 3 - 5 hours.
    Sound pressure level: <70 dB (A)
    Speed: 40 - 450 mm / min
    The standard deviation of 3 dB (A)
    Uncertainty (K): 1.5 m/s2
    Level Vibration: <2.5 m/s2
    Weight including the battery pack: 1.7 kg
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