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Smartwares directable with sensor

Smartwares directable with sensor


The Smartwares GSW-170-MG Wall light with motion detector makes sure you never come home in the dark again. You can use the wall light as an extra security measure thanks to the light that turns on when motion is detected.

Different settings
You can set the light so it shines for a long duration in order to scare away intruders or set it to shine for a short duration so you can always find your keyhole when coming home in the dark. By adjusting the 3 dials you can set the sensitivity of the 90° sensor to a maximum of 8 m, the lighting duration from 5 seconds to 4 minutes and the daylight sensitivity from 10 to 20.000 lux. This way you can completely set the wall light to your own preferences.

How to use
The step-by-step instruction manual describes how to install the wall light with the included installation materials. You can use the wall light with an energy efficient LED light (excl.) because the luminaire is equipped with a GU10 fitting that allows you to use light sources up to 20 W. The wall light has an IP44 rating and thus is suitable for outdoor use.

What’s in the box?
Smartwares wall light, instruction manual, mounting materials


  • Never come home in the dark again with the wall light with motion sensor
  • Adjust the sensor sensitivity, lighting duration and daylight sensitivity with the 3 dials
  • The light can be used with all light sources up to 20 W suitable with a GU10 fitting
  • Mount the wall with the step-by-step instruction manual and mounting materials
  • The wall light is suitable for outdoor use with its IP44 rating
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