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Tristar CM-2275 Espresso Machine

Tristar CM-2275 Espresso Machine


The Tristar CM-2275 Espresso Maker allows you to drink the best espresso anytime you want to at home. You can also make all different types of coffee including milk foam with the steam nozzle, such as a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Delicious espresso
You can make the best espressos with the Tristar espresso maker. It is suitable for making one or two cups at a time and features a pressure of 15 bar. The espresso maker is easy to control through the large dial on the front, which means you can select the amount of water you want to use and decide on the strength of the coffee. You can preheat the coffee cups on top of the machine to fully appreciate the smell and taste of the espresso.

With steam nozzle
The CM-2275 espresso maker is provided with a steam nozzle. You can use it for heating up milk as well as for frothing up milk. Therefore, you can also use the espresso maker to create variations with milk foam, ranging from a cappuccino to a café latte. You can try all sorts of coffee and you will have something for everyone. It quickly reaches the right temperature with a power of 850W.

Easy to use
The Tristar espresso maker is very easy to use. The water reservoir with a large volume is equipped with a water level indicator and is removable in order to refill it easily. You decide if you want to make one or two cups at a time and you just fill the right insert and add it to the piston. The indicator lights show you when the espresso maker is ready for use. Furthermore, the nonslip feet ensure the espresso maker stand firmly on the countertop.

What’s in the box?
Tristar espresso maker, portafilter, single filter, double filter, removable water reservoir, coffee spoon, manual

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