Tristar OV-3630 Convection Oven 38L 2000W Black


The Tristar OV-3630 Convection Oven is the perfect oven to prepare cakes, bread rolls, oven baked mac and cheese and chicken alfredo. Bake, grill and roast everything you want thanks to the defrost and timer functions with the very complete Tristar oven.


Five settings with defrost function
Choose upper or lower heating with or without convection. This way, you can melt cheese for nacho’s or bake a delicious cake. Defrost food without cooking it with the defrost function. The Tristar Convection Oven has an adjustable thermostat so you can easy set the right temperature.


Temperature range up to 230⁰
Thanks to the 2000 Watt power the Tristar Convection Oven can reach a temperature up to 230⁰. This high temperature makes it possible to bake a crispy bread or pizza. You can set the timer up to 90 minutes so you will hear a sound signal when the time is up.


Grill rack and oven tray included
The Tristar Convection Oven comes complete with a grill rack and oven tray so you can immediately start baking. A special handle is also provided so you can safely remove the rack and tray while they are still hot.


What’s in the box:
Tristar Convection Oven, grill rack, oven tray, handle, instruction manual


Reasons to choose the Tristar OV-3630 Convection Oven:

  • Handy and compact convection oven for small families or dorm rooms
  • Complete with grill rack and oven tray with special handle to remove them safely
  • Temperature range up to 230⁰ for crispy bread and pizza
  • Convenient defrost function and upper or lower heating with or without convection
  • Set the timer up to 90 minutes and never forget your dish in the oven

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